Donations for military personal Lieutenant Colonel,
Special Unit «Omega»
National Guard of Ukraine,
Zhuravlyov Ruslan Vitaliyovych

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The brave and courageous professional serviceman, examplary father and husband, son, friend ana colleague, served in the hotest war zones of Ukraine in Lugansk and Donetsk regions since 2014. He succesfully completed special tasks from his commanders. Unfortunatelly, on 19.06.22 he was ambushed by enemy’s artillery. As the resault he got multiple severe wounds of arms, neck and other body parts. He was tranfered to hospital, where he underwent several operations to remove the shrapnel. Currently he is awaiting more surgery in Ukraine and abroad to reconstructe the elbow joint and lengthy rehabilitation


Warning: Sensitive content showing open wounds,
can trigger unpleasunt reactions of sensitive people.

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